Life rewards movement

How do you start the journey to your dreams? We all have our fears when treading on new waters but the ones that succeed look beyond their fears and move. You get rewarded when you move.



Change is inevitable. The willingness and desire to change is your decision to make. How discontent are you with the status quo? Blind Bartemeus was not the only blind man standing along Jesus’ way but he was the only discontent blind guy. Discontent drives change.

The gathering

Have you ever had a push up workout and then run to the mirror immediately to check out your new biceps? Well, what do you see? Nothing! Your body remains the same and it seems nothing is working. Life happens this way, the energy you put in something at first might look like it is not worth it but in the end it counts. The seeds you sow today might look like it is a waste of time but it accumulates and in no distant time you reap your rewards.

New Year blues

Happy New Year 2012, it is a year that promises great opportunities for all of us. Here at Little Things That Matter, we have had to restrategize our mission and it is time to take it to the next level. Thank you for 2011 and welcome to 2012.

Big enough

The world is big enough for you to use your creativity and put it to better use. There are still poor people who need to be helped, kids who need a father figure, young folks who need mentors etc; name any problem and you can be part of the solution if you choose to. God has made all of us unique in order for us to be blessings to others. Our uniqueness is needed and it can be accomodated in our small communities, put it to good use.